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Shiitake and Watercress Risotto

There are 3 main rules at our kitchen. We cook with love, with passion, and only from the high-quality products. We want you to feel the magic of combining products, sauces, and spices together in a truly incredible bouquet of taste. Our large menu has a wide range of appetisers, soups, main and side dishes, desserts, and more! Come with your friends for the cozy evening in a desired company!

We follow only real traditions of China, we adore the Chinese culture and we proudly serve you only with natural Chinese cuisine! We have a great team of real professionals and, of course, people, who adore cooking as much as eating! All our staff has a huge experience in the industry of food! So, we guarantee that you will be satisfied by the services we suggest.

Create unforgettable moments with our Chinese restaurant!getables.

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